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Emergency Procedure Policy

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Emergency Procedure Policy

Policy Statement


The safety of our students is our main priority. Oxford Education and Services (OES) acknowledges that there may be some emergent situations that require planning for. This policy outlines what actions our company will take in the event of any emergencies.

Emergency Contacts Details

OES operates a 24/7 phone line for emergency situations. During the working hours from 10 a.m to 5 p.m (Mon - Fri), the contact number is01865240616. Out of these hours, one of our staff will be in duty to assist any emergencies. The contact number is 07714145162. If you have any concerns,please feel free to contact us. Once we receive your concerns, we will acknowledge and deal with the incident seriously.


1.Emergency Contact Details- Oxford Education Services


Contact number


Oxford Education Services (Office)

01865 240616

Mon- Fri 10 am- 5 pm

Oxford  Education Services (Emergency)




2.Contact Details- other organisations


Contact details


Tel: 999  (24 hour)

Tel: 101  (24 hour, non-emergency number)

Fire & Rescue service

Tel: 999  (24 hour)

Ambulance service

Tel: 999  (24 hour)

National Health Service

Tel: 111  (24 hour)


Tel:  01453 821 293

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Tel:  0207 008 1500 (24 hour, consular assistance)

Environment Agency

Tel:  0345 988 1188 (24 hour Flood line)

Met Office

Tel:  0370 900 0100 (24 hour, weather desk)

Health and Safety Executive

Incident  Contact Centre: 0345 300 9923  (Monday  to Friday 8.30am until 5pm)

Out of  hours duty officer (24 hour): 0151 922 9235

Public Health England

Main  Switchboard: 020 7654 8000


World Health Organisation

Please see the procedure about what our company will do in the different events of any emergency situations.

Emergency Procedure


Dealing with an emergency

It is important that staff who received an emergency call needs to stay calm and note down all the information which has been provided. The staff should provide support and reassurance to the informant as they can be upset,panic or scared. If it is necessary, refer them to DSL or other relevant parties. Please see the steps are as followed:

  • To ascertain what has happened, gathering as much information as you can

  • To discuss with the informant what action needs to be taken or what options are;who will act

  • A full incident report must be made as soon as possible detailing the nature of the allegation. Record in writing with everything which is provided by the informant, including names, place, time and who has been involved etc. Any actions that have been taken are also needed to be written on the record.

  • The staff who received the call will need to inform the DSL or the director about the situation immediately.


The specific plans for different scenarios

In general, we receive an emergency call from an informant for certain things, which includes flight cancellations, school closures, injury, suspension from school, etc. Therefore, we have made relative plans for those situations. Please see the details are as followed:

Cancelled flight

When a student’s flight is cancelled in the UK, OES will arrange for suitable care. We will contact the student’s parents, and liaise airline companies to rearrange the flights if needed. If necessary, we can arrange an emergency accommodation for the students until the travel day.We will also arrange the transfers for the student to go to and from the hostfamily. We do expect the student will contact us as soon as they are aware that their flights have been cancelled, so we can arrange suitable care for them.

Pandemic/Contagious Outbreak

Pandemics can cause major disruption to travel and schooling. It is important in such events to take advice from the government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation. AEGIS provides guidance for members to follow. This is regularly updated as a situation develops. Usually, in a pandemic it is important to restrict movement so as not to spread the disease further. That means boarding school students would usually remain at school. In the event of a pandemic, OES will work with parents to find flights to home countries where required. OES will offer homestay accommodation for its students if they are unable to fly back home. OES will work with schools to meet students’ needs during a pandemic. This could be by helping to support students to learn remotely as directed by the school. OES will work with parents and schools to find suitable quarantine accommodation for students where required.

Injury or death of a student

Serious injury or death of a student is distressing for all concerned.OES will:

  • Liaise with medical staff and police

  • Keep parents informed

  • Help parents arrange flights

  • Handle any media enquiries

  • Liaise with schools and any other external agencies (such as LSP) where required

  • If required, assist parents with rehabilitation and flights home

  • If required, assist parents with funeral arrangements

Terrorist incident

Schools will have their own lockdown procedures to ensure the safety of students in the event of a terror attack. In the event of a terror attack taking place in the UK when a student is staying at a homestay, OES will follow the guidance provided by the UK government and the police. Unless instructed otherwise, students will be asked to remain in the homestay and not to go out unaccompanied by their homestay. In such a situation OES will assess the risks and act accordingly.


In the event of a fire at a homestay, after dealing with the emergency by calling the fire brigade, the homestay is expected to inform OES. Students will be moved to a different homestay until the accommodation is refurbished.OES will visit the homestay to check the suitability of accommodation before any students return.

School closures

There are many reasons why a school may close. These could be temporary, such as due to weather or a staff shortage or permanent, for example due to bankruptcy. Unless closure is due to a contagious disease (see pandemic guidance above), OES will provide accommodation for students with their homestays.

Suspension from school / Sickness

In the event that students got suspended from school or sick due to tummy bug or chicken pox, OES will liaise with the school and find host families for students to stay. Also, OES will arrange transfers for students to go to and from the host family.



We are committed to reviewing our plan and good practice annually.

This emergency plan was last reviewed on:

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