OES Service

As a professional educational establishment with decades of experience in guardianship services, OES not only provides international students with academic guidance and support, but also helps them settle into life in the UK as soon as possible. OES offers safe and highly secure, professional and efficient guardianship. The services we provide are as below.

Information Support

Before parents and children come to the UK, we provide detailed information and guidance so that they can be well prepared.

Arrange transport and accommodation

To recommend and arrange safe, friendly accommodation for your child during exeat and half-term holidays.

To help with booking round-trip international flights to and from the UK.

To arrange transport for your child to and from airports.

To help with passport and visa application.

To provide and arrange transport and accommodation within the UK for visiting parents.

Safety and Welfare

To arrange personal and medical insurance for your child.

To help arrange Police registration, GP registration and dentist registration.

To assist your child in making appointments with doctor or dentist.

In the event of emergency requiring medical treatment,we will make decisions that are in the best interest of your child based on parental authorization.

Academic Guidance

To provide guidance and support for your child studying at boarding school.

To keep track of your child's academic progress and life at school and report back to parents.

To offer advice on subject choices for university entrance exams according to the characteristics of each child.

To assist with school transfer arrangements if needed.

Parent representatives

To stay in timely and smooth contact with parents.

To attend school events as a parent representative, including parents’ consultation conferences, school concerts, and sports days, etc.

To handle various school emails and forms on behalf of parents.

To instruct your child on how to spend their pocket money as requested by parents.

To help with purchase of uniforms, birthday gifts and other items as requested by parents.

To offer guidance on payment for tuition as requested by parents.