Aims & Principles

Established in 2008, Oxford Education and Service is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people while studying in the UK and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

We provide professional assistance and advice to students who seek to study in the UK and guardianship services to overseas students, especially those under 18. Our mission is to prioritize the safety and welfare of our students with the aim to make it a positive, successful, and enjoyable experience while they are studying here. Their well-being is our utmost priority.

We are a member of the Aegis Organisation. We are regulated by the Aegis requirements and standards to ensure that we provide the best quality of guardianship services to all children under our guardianship.

We also extend beyond to provide personalised academic support and advice at each stage of your child’s education. We provide private tutoring at our office or online for students who need extra support. We help to choose the right school for the right child. Our services include:


● Providing Guardianship Services to ensure the safety and well-being of the student

● Reporting students’ performance in the school

● Helping parents communicate with their child’s school

● Attending school events and parent meetings on parents’ behalf

● Providing accommodation placement for school holidays (e.g.,half-term) or emergency

● Providing transport arrangement

● Dealing with student’s school affairs (e.g., giving permissions for student’s leave at weekends, reporting absence, applying for/ drop courses)

● Passing important information/ school decisions to parents

● Dealing with emergencies and providing 24/7 support

● Supplying students and parents with all the relevant information they need to make their choices regarding education in the UK, including details of the British education system and information about boarding schools in the UK.

● Providing case arrangements for students and parents. (assign a personal case manager)

● Assisting students to apply for places in UK schools at different stages of their education (from secondary/GCSE/A level to universities), including advice and guidance.

We will act as a partner to the parents living overseas, to ensure the safety, well-being and academic success of your child during their time in the UK.