Our Service

Elite education program covering all education stages

Customized programs for students (aged 7-13) to study in the UK

Multi-stage overseas study plan 

Recruitment representative of over 300 independent UK schools 

Experienced experts in school application

Academic development

Academic support synchronous with curriculums of UK independent schools

Academic support in GCSE/A LEVEL/IB courses 

Examination preparation for entrance to UK independent schools

Qualified, experienced and professional teachers from both UK and China

Massive resources of past papers and questions for students to practice

Provision of guardianship service

Professional guardianship service

Guardians’ team composed of masters and doctors

Double support from working teams in both UK and China

VIP/VIC customized guardianship service

Oxbridge and G5 application service

Sino-British tutors’ team

Oxbridge and G5 application program

Multinational University Application Service

EPQ/TSA support

Short-term study tour experience

Customized arrangement for visits to UK independent schools

Summer courses in UK independent boarding schools

Short-term study in UK independent boarding schools

Oxbridge summer courses