AEGIS, full name of Association for the Education & Guardianship of International Students, is the only independent, accrediting body in the UK for guardianship organisations and offers a robust, well-established inspection process. In strict pursuit of the governmental regulations, AEGIS conducts a full inspection of caring students and business practices for new applying guardianship organizations and offers periodic checks for accredited members to ensure the relevant regulation enforcement. Its set of accrediting procedures are viewed as the most authoritative and professional system in the UK.

Founded as a charity in 1994, AEGIS is designed to improve guardianship standards and ensure the welfare and education of international students in boarding schools. AEGIS is accredited by the Home Office. Through strong links with the Department for Education and the British Council, AEGIS can give informed advice and support to guardians and schools hosting international students and overseas parents looking to send their children to study in the UK.